Aroma Spa / Lavender 4 Step Pedicure Box

by Allurspa
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Aroma Spa / lavender 4 Step Pedicure BoxThe Benefit of an Aroma SPA Essential oils that are inhaled into the lungs are believed to offer both psychological and physical benefits not only does the aroma of the natural essential oil stimulate the mind.

  • Step 1 SOAK Preserve younger looking skin Enjoy a therapeutic benefit of a green tea honey spa pedicure Feet are softened in a green tea soak
  • Step 2 SCRUB Exfoliate your skin with a green tea scrub It washes away dead skin; dirt and odor as it dissolves in water
  • Step 3 NOURISHING MASK Green tea soothing hydrating mask is a restorative skincare mask that smoothers the skin Softening the feet as it draws moisture to smooth and relax
  • Step 4 MASSAGE GEL This rich formula contains powerful antioxidants of Green Tea extract to promote healthy circulation and help fight free radicals