Pure Cleansing Tissue

by Ossion
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Cleansing Tissue makes skin clean by effectively removing makeup residue, dead skin cells and impurities from skin as the silky embossed fabric closely adheres to the skin. 80 sheet/530g

  • Smooth clean skin The cleansing tissue containing active ingredients such as CTComplex soothes tender skin irritated by a harsh external environment and various impurities and makes skin smooth and clean by effectively taking care of dead skin cells, pores, and excessive sebum secretion
  • How to use Take out one tissue, remove point makeup from skin around the eyes and mouth, and wipe off impurities from skin concentrating on the center of the face, starting from the inside of the face working outward, in a gentle rubbing motion Wash the face with cleanser
  • Tips To prevent the evaporation of the content, keep the sticker attached on the product after use