Honey Cover Pact 21 W/ Free Refill

by Fillncover
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Product ID : 31430905


The new concept pact expresses youngerlooking makeup while covering skin blemishes and providing a lifting effect as the optimal combination of the three GoldWhite Beige swirls closely adheres to skin. /

  • What kind of product is Gold Lifting Pact The three swirls of Gold Lifting Pact contain multi lifting ingredients in addition to gold This conbination makes the skin elastic and reduce freckles The pack covers red tone, blemishes and pores in detail as well as makes the skin look younger It provides excellent cover and applies thinly, clearly, and closely to skin It is also good for dry skin due to its moisturizing texture
  • What effects do the three swirls of Gold Lifting Pact provide The compound of three Beige, White, Gold swirls in an optimal ratio and provides an excellent lifting and cover effects without any smudge As a result, the makeup looks natural
  • How to use After wearing basic makeup, apply an appropriate amount to the face in the following order cheek, forehead, nose and chin Apply the ingredients thoroughly in a tapping motion
  • How to switch the refill Check the replacement hole on the back side of the container Insert a toothpick into the replacement hole to push out the pack tray Remove the used pack tray and insert the new pack refill into the container Press the end of the changed pack set
  • Color : light beige