Marine Body Cleanser

by Ossion
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The body cleanser removes impurities from the skin while moisturizing the skin, for a healthy glowing skin

  • The 2layered body cleanser consists of a cleansing layer which removes improves from the skin and a moisture layer that is full of moisturizing olive oil Giant kelp is the largest alga found on Earth since the past several thousands of years, and it is known to grow and regenerate quickly The ingredient of giant kelp extract, absorbs and regulates sebum from the pores by forming an elastic, smooth clear film over the skin and keeping the cornified layer of the skin in an optimally moisturized state
  • How to use Wet a shower sponge or towel with water, dispense the body cleanser, and fully lather Wash your entire body using a massaging motion and rinse off with water
  • Tip When the skin feels dry, fully mix the product before use to improve the moisture