Pure Cleansing Oil

by Ossion
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Cleansing oil removes makeup residue with just a light rubbing of the skin and keeps the skin moisturized even after washing your face.

  • Provides strong moisture The ingredients of Hyanify which provides strong moisture to flakey dry skin and propolis extract which is a precious nutrientmade by honey bees, make the skin look moisturized and radiant even after cleansing the face
  • The ingredient of Prunus Domestica Seed Extract that is rich in Vitamin A provides smooth cleansing and allows the skin texture to feel smooth after cleansing the face
  • How to use Dispense an adequate amount on your palm, and apply to the face in a rubbing motion to melt the makeup Wet the skin with a small little amount of water and gently massage onto the skin until the oil turns a milky color before washing off with water
  • Tips Use with a foam cleanser for a more refreshing feel