Wild Ginseng Cell Culture Snail Cream

by Sansim
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Premium cream that makes skin healthy and improves skin elasticity with Snail Secretion Filtrate from snails that are fed Tissue Cultured Wild Ginseng Adventitious Root.

  • Skin barrier strengthening cream that makes the skin elastic This skin barrierstrengthening cream helps restore the skin to its clear tone and healthy skin texture by supplying vitality and nourishment and by forming a strong protective layer over the tired and damaged skin caused by aging
  • Premium skin barrier strengthening cream which solves the skin problems It resolves skin problems with Snail Secretion Filtrate from snails fed Tissue Cultured Wild Ginseng Adventitious Root and EGFEpidermal Growth Factor It improves skin elasticity by strengthening skin with Proteins of Soybean and Rice, Peptides, and Hibiscus Hibiscus Abelmoschus Seed, which grows in the equator characterized by strong life energy, for supple and healthy skin
  • How to use After washing the face, apply the skin care products such as toner, emulsion, and essenceampoule that are appropriate for your skin type Take an appropriate amount of the cream with the spatula contained in the product, and gently apply it along the skin texture Pat to enhance the absorption into the skin Clean the spatula after each use