Cheongasun Jinac Nutritive Essence

by Sansim
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Premium essence containing precious Korean herbal ingredients makes weak skin healthy and beautiful.

  • Tissue cultured wild ginseng adventitious root extract which is extracted from only 110 year old wild ginseng has an excellent effect for enchancing skin vitality due to its number of chromosomes
  • With the theory of oriental medicine which maintains harmony and blance that is not against nature, the essence fully contains the energy of nature and controls the skin which is also the part of nature with the wisdom of the East
  • Total care essence, which is highly concentrated extract with thicker texture which contains the precious Korean herbal ingredients of decocted herbal medicine which helps moisturization, soothing, as well as wrinkle improvement
  • Nanotechnology is a cutting edge technology that is approved to atomizes the precious wild ginseng ingredient to deliver the effective ingredient stably for penetration and absorbtion
  • With the extracted ingredient of the cultivated 110 year old wild ginseng, the essence strengthens the skin barrier and beautifies the skin with a healthy glow
  • How to use Use it in the step of essence, take an appropriate amount to the palmspump it about twice and gently apply it along the skin texture from the middle of the face outward It fortifies the effects of this essence with the use of CHEONGASUNCream