Myeonghui Ball Powder W/ Brush

by Sansim
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Product ID : 31830965


Elegant powder that gives vitality to skin by adding luxurious gloss with 5 jewels and Korean herbal ingredients which make the skin shiny and beautiful.

  • Bright skin A subtle sense of pearls gives natural gloss to the skin with beautiful colors
  • Bright and clear skin texture Jewel powder of supplements energy and makes the skin bright and clear
  • How to use After base makeup, roll the puff 23 times on MYEONG HUI BALL POWDER; slightly shake the brush off and apply it on your face by tapping lightly Tip for using the brush After rolling the brush for 23 times on MYEONG HUI BALL POWDER, slightly brush off and touch your face with it
  • Color : Soft Beige