Soobaek Moisturizing Sun Cream

by Sansim
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Triple Action Korean herbal formulation sun cream that makes skin moist and elastic by protecting the skin from dryness caused by UV rays and external stimuli. Brightening Wrinkle improvement UV protection

  • Protects skin from the UV rays It protects the skin from UV rays by blockingSPF37PA the UV raysUVA, UVB for twice
  • Moistrizes skin for elasticity With the multiple moisturizing system of , it rapidly supplies moisture to the skin and maintains moist skin for providing elasticity
  • Protects from external stimuli Carex Humillis Root Extract and Bambusa Vulgaris Water make skin healthy by protecting irritated skin from external UV rays
  • How to use At the last step of morning skincare routine, take an appropriate amount in palms, and use the finger tips to gently spread over entire face until the sun cream thoroughly absorbed into the skin